Welcome to Synnovator, Inc-Your Company of Building Blocks and Intermediates Solutions at Research Triangle Park in the USA.  


With long term business connections with many leading chemical suppliers and distributors worldwide - that's what sets Synnovator, Inc on the top of her peers. We started our business in 2010. We are capable of offering high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates, building blocks, Nucleosides and Nucleotides, Carbohydrates, Peptides, Amino Acids, Small Molecule Inhibitors and Activators, Catalysts, PEG-linkers, ADC-linkers, and active ingredients to pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, universities, and research institutes for research and development.


We are specialized in supplying Azetidine, Azepane, Piperazine, Cyclopropane, Cyclohexane,Cyclobutane and Oxetanechemicals, Spiro chemicals, Tetrahydropyran chemicals, Pyrrolidine and Tetrahydrofuran chemicals, and Indole and Indazole chemicals.  By owning substantial vendor resources, we can rapidly provide a large variety of reliable products with unbeatable rates.